41 Weeks

Still here. Still pregnant. Nonstress test this morning went well. My blood pressure was lower than normal but not too concerning I guess. I’ve been so extremely tired. I napped for two hours after my appointment, was awake for a while and then walked on a treadmill for almost an hour, and then took another hour and a half nap. I don’t know why I’ve been so completely exhausted but part of me worries since my blood pressure was low too. Babys been moving today just fine, so I guess I shouldn’t be too worried. Every day that passes without going into labor just makes me that much more anxious. I just want this baby to be here safe and healthy! I have tons of contractions but not quite enough or strong enough to do anything. Frustrating. Can it just be Sunday night already?


Overdue… Eviction Notice Had Been Posted 

It’s official. I’m overdue. 40 weeks and 3 days today. This little boy sure is a stubborn one! I had a nonstress test this morning and ultrasound to determine amniotic fluid level and check out the placenta. Everything looked great, my doctor just said the placenta is showing signs of age but it’s still fine. They’re going to let me just keep waiting it out. I go in for another nonstress test on Thursday morning and we have scheduled an induction! Sunday night at 9 pm they will start me on cytotec doses throughout the night to ripen my cervix and then start the pitocin Monday morning. You hear that, kid??? If you don’t make some moves you’re gonna be forced out into the world! I hope I go into labor before then, but honestly I don’t feel like my body is ready. And it might not ever be! Who knows. Everything can change at a moments notice, so we will just have to wait and see how it all pans out. Hopefully I don’t update again until I have the baby!


I’ve Been Pregnant for 39 Weeks and 5 Days

1 cm dilated, 70% effaced, weight gain at 31 lbs. I’m happy about the first two measurements, and I’m okay with the third. I just hope I don’t go another week and gain another 3 lbs… yeesh. I am thinking that all my Braxton Hicks have contributed to my effacement. Anyhow, everything is looking good still and I have my next appointment on Monday, when they’ll check the fluid levels and assess the baby’s heart rate and such with a non stress test. The doctor said it might be a good idea to bring a packed bag to that appointment just in case. J is planning to go with me. Hopefully baby boy decides to come before then anyway. 😉

The waiting game continues. I only have two days left of work, plus 4 more hours today. Woohoo! Yesterday was a “sick” day… aka mani/pedi, take it easy day. It was so great. While part of me wants the baby to come this weekend, part of me is okay with him coming towards the end of next week so that I can have a few days off of work! I fully understand why many women stop working a week or more before their due dates. I am SO tired. I can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes before I have to shift positions in my chair. No matter what, it’s uncomfortable. But what are you gonna do?

I’m getting a little anxious to meet the little guy and make sure he’s healthy. That’s my number one priority, a healthy baby. Maybe I should stop eating these cheez-its… ha. I’m getting so close! Almost 40 weeks and we could have a baby any day now! I can’t wait.


T-8 Days (or 2.5 weeks, tops)

8 days!! I officially can’t think about anything else anymore. I had my 38/39 week appointment (I always go halfway through my week) yesterday, and we kind of decided that if I am overdue but the baby and I are healthy and everything looks perfect, we will talk induction for May 11. I think if I really wanted, I could probably push it back even further granted baby’s in good shape, but I think I will be ready by then. I could definitely schedule an induction earlier than that. My doctor seems to like inductions… But anyway, that’s 2.5 weeks away, so I know for sure we will be meeting our baby within that time! That’s so exciting to me. I can’t wait to have a baby in my arms instead of my belly, although I do hope it happens sooner than that. 🙂 I have my last weekly appointment next Wednesday, at which point I will be almost 40 weeks. After that, I’ll go the following Monday and have a non-stress test and check fluid levels and all that jazz. If I still haven’t had the baby, I’ll go back later that week to do it all again and then the induction will probably take place that next Monday, when I will be 41.5 weeks.

Also at my appointment it was determined that I am 50-60% effaced, a little softer, but still not quite dilated even to 1 cm. Progress is progress, at least my cervix isn’t completely hard and high though. I can’t really think of anything else of note from my appointment… Oh, well my fundal height hasn’t changed in the last two weeks (37 cm). My doctor didn’t say anything about it, so I’m sure she isn’t concerned, but it was a little interesting to me. I am still gaining weight, officially up by 28 lbs now. I wonder how much of that is the baby himself. I can’t wait to find out how much he weighs and how long he is!

Otherwise, there was nothing of note from my appointment. Boring is good. Boring means no problems. But man, wouldn’t it have been cool to go in and she’s like “Holy cow, you’re dilated to a 4!” and I say “awesome, let’s do some jumping jacks and send this baby on out!”??? Yeah, a girl can dream.

Speaking of dreams, mine are still as absurd as ever. Last night I had a dream that our last name was Krapp, and I was realizing that it meant my husband would be known as Dr. Krapp. I don’t remember my feelings on the matter, I just remember having that realization. Strange. Strange indeed.

The husband might have a stomach ulcer, so that’s exciting. He’s going to the doctor first thing tomorrow morning. I hope they figure out what’s wrong with him because he’s been complaining of his stomach hurting for a week now, and I guess it follows some symptoms of an ulcer. Yeesh. Can’t seem to catch a break.

Nothing else to report. I know I shouldn’t be wishing the days away, but it’s hard not to when J and I don’t have time to just hang out and do fun things and projects together and enjoy being a couple. He is always studying, and when he takes a break to hang out with me I feel like school is still always in the back of his mind. Or what specialty he’s going to choose, or where he’s going to do his rotations, or a million other things. The most I really ever get is Friday nights. So can you blame me for being so excited about having a baby to spend all my time and attention on? Being the wife of a medical student can feel pretty lonely, honestly. I know he’s stressed out and he’s doing his best and he’s not trying to ignore me. I know school comes first because in the long run that is what’s best for our family… but it’s still lonely sometimes. Sometimes when he’s studying I catch myself trying to make faces at him or do something silly to get him to pay attention to me, and I know that I shouldn’t be trying to distract him. But I’ve also realized that it shows that I have a dependence on him and a need for his attention that I often don’t receive. I do think I could do a better job of having my own things to do and hobbies and stuff, but it’s kind of hard being the kind of person I am (sociable, a cuddler, enjoyer of attention) and being satisfied by just doing my own thing all the time. Having kids I’m sure will fix that, and I’ll probably look back longingly at the days when I had free time with few obligations. Actually, I don’t know if I will. I thrive on human interaction, especially with J, and making other people happy. The happiest I’ve ever been, I’m pretty sure, is anytime when I’m making J laugh. The other day, for example, I had a total meltdown and I was yelling at him. I don’t even remember exactly what it was about, but he actually said “Stop yelling, let’s just talk” and I proceeded to yell. I don’t know what came over me, but I was being completely irrational. A short while later, he was in the shower and I was feeling dumb for how I acted and sorry for hurting him. I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer to make up, so I stepped into the shower fully clothed and gave him a hug. All he could do was just laugh as I stood there and apologized as I got soaking wet. The point of my story is that it made me so incredibly happy to make him laugh like that, even if he was maybe still a little mad at me. I don’t really know where else I’m going with all of this, but all I can say is that medical school is hard. It’s harder for J, I’m sure, but it’s hard to be on my end too. It’s the little moments, like being in the shower fully clothed just to make my husband laugh, moments like that, that make it all worthwhile.



This weekend was an interesting one for sure. I was running around like crazy on Saturday buying groceries and then making freezer meals to have on hand when the baby’s here (which two of my friends generously came and helped me with). My feet were so sore from being up for so long and I was having so many contractions that day/evening. Saturday night, I slept on and off (probably 10 min increments) from 9:30-10:30, stayed up until about 11:15 (not sure) and then tried to go back to bed, to no avail. Insomnia has struck, and I ended up laying on the floor in the nursery scrolling through pinterest on my phone until 1:15 or something like that. I went back to bed and I think I fell asleep around 2. I tossed and turned and went to the bathroom a couple times and finally got up at 9:30! Thank goodness it was Sunday and we have late church so that I could get some rest in. I would not have made it to work! Then yesterday, Sunday, was a weird day and I just felt off all day. Insomnia hit again. We laid down for bed a little after 10:30 and I knew there was no way I would be falling asleep. I got up and cleaned and organized the nursery until a little after midnight. I went back to bed but couldn’t fall asleep for a long time (probably an hour) and then repeated the toss and turn/get up to pee process the rest of the night until I got up this morning for work. I don’t know what my deal is. I’m hoping that maybe that was nesting? But I’m not feeling like I’m going to go into labor today… who knows. All I’m saying is this better not become the trend! I need my sleep. 😦 I really have no idea when this little baby is going to decide he’s ready. For the longest time I felt like he was going to be late, but then I started having such frequent and strong Braxton Hicks that I felt like there’s no way I could go overdue. I know I need to just chill out and be patient and I should probably just pretend that my due date is actually the end of May. I’m just getting soooo ready to meet this little one and also not be pregnant anymore. All of my early pregnancy symptoms are returning, like the super sniffer (I could smell J’s body wash in the car today), the extra-sensitive gag reflex, and the nausea. Maybe this all means something, but I am trying to not get my hopes up!!!

I’m still 11 days away from due, including today. Still have some more things to do. Pregnancy and baby and labor consume my thoughts all day, every day. Is this normal??


Almost to 38 Weeks

Still no changes in my cervix. Been “dilated” to a fingertip for the last three weeks, but I don’t think that even counts as being dilated. I have a prescription in to get my free breast pump from insurance, woohoo! That should be here pretty soon. Other than that, I don’t have much to update on. 12 days left of work. J and I have started discussing natural ways to induce labor… I still have plenty of time, but I would LOVE for my cervix to start making some moves (especially with all these lousy, non-productive Braxton Hicks) and for this baby to come at a reasonable time because I do not want to be induced! I know it’s not the worst thing ever if it does happen, but I just hope that it all happens on its own. I’ve gotta start moving around more I think. Walks and such. Anyhow, things are good. I’m starting to get a little restless. The nursery is 95% done. I’ve still got things to do, like deep clean the house, make my friend’s preemie baby a mobile for his crib, make freezer meals, and finish binding the baby quilt my mom and I made. Enough to keep me busy and occupied, that’s for sure. T minus 12 days of work and 16 days until I’m due! Woohoo!!


37 Weeks

Tomorrow I will officially be full term! Meaning this little guy can come any time he pleases now. I’ve knocked out a good number of items on my to-do list, but a few still remain. I don’t feel like he’s going to come anytime in the next week at least (in fact I’m betting he comes a little past due – fashionably late like his momma), so I’ll really buckle down and get stuff done! The nursery is almost complete and it is so cute. I keep picturing a tiny baby living in there, and it feels so surreal and yet so imminent! I just found out that my health insurance should cover a breast pump, so I will be looking into that ASAP. My baby shower is Saturday, so excited! I don’t think it’ll be a very big event, but that’s just fine. It’s nice to have a few people who care about me and my growing family. 🙂

I had my OB appointment on Tuesday this week. She said my cervix feels softer, but still no dilation or any other signs of impending labor. She did briefly mention that I have a flat pubic arch, but she’s seen many women have vaginal deliveries with that anatomy. Of course, I started thinking about that later and what she meant by it, so I consulted my handy dandy google. It turns out that lots of women have been told that they have flat pubic/pelvic arches by their doctors and then the doctors push for a c-section. My doctor said it so lightly in passing and the word “c-section” never even came out of her mouth, so I’m not too concerned. I definitely prefer a vaginal birth over a c-sec, so we will see how it goes. I’m secretly hoping that all my years of dancing and above-average flexibility will come in handy. I don’t really have a birth plan. If anything, my birth plan is to get an epidural probably around 5 cm dilated (but who knows) and hopefully have one that allows me to still feel some pressure but not the pain and will let me be able to push effectively when it comes time. I’d rather not have pitocin, but I will if it’s necessary (duh). Beyond that, everything is just a wish basically… I wish that I will have contractions begin and be able to labor at home for a while before going to the hospital and getting an epidural. I wish that my water won’t break before I have contractions. I wish that my baby will be healthy and I’ll be able to hold him skin to skin right after birth and attempt breastfeeding. I know you can’t plan every detail of labor, but I don’t think it hurts to have some ideas in mind of how I might like things to go. I’ve been thinking a lot about the birth lately. And I’m not scared. I’m actually really excited. I feel like I know a lot about the process and the many different ways it can go. I am excited to see how my experience is. I know it’s going to be hard and I know that I can’t anticipate everything, but I just get so excited thinking about telling J “it’s go time!”

Just for the sake of having a record for myself, I’ll give a few stats on how my pregnancy has been lately. I kinda dropped doing the whole “bumpdate” thing a while back, but I realize I haven’t been the best at documenting the details. Anyway…

I’ve gained a total of 25 pounds so far. With 3 weeks to go, I feel pretty good about that. I can’t imagine what it would be like to gain much more weight than this though. My back, hips, tailbone, and knees all hurt, and I’m sure it’s due in large to the extra poundage. As someone who has always been slender (just shy of 5’8″ and my average weight is usually 120 or so), I am not accustomed to seeing and feeling myself be so much larger. I’ll admit, I’m pretty excited to lose this baby weight already. I just kind of miss being able to maneuver about as normal. I’ve made it so far without a single stretch mark… on my belly. I have no idea why, but they chose to crop up at the very top of my inner thigh. So unfair, my thighs haven’t even hardly changed! I swear 95% of the weight is in my belly! Nevertheless, I don’t think I’ll ever feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit without shorts again. But if that’s the price I pay, I can definitely live with it. I’m always either famished or so full I might throw up. There’s no in between for me anymore, which is kind of frustrating, but I deal. If you’ve been keeping up with my story, you know I had all day sickness up until about 17 weeks. That subsided just as I started a 6ish week saga of back to back head colds and then influenza. No nausea then, yay. Once I was healthy again though, I’ve experienced what actual morning sickness is, where I feel like I want to throw up for about an hour after leaving the house in the morning. Also yay. That’s still been a friend of mine, except it’s starting to ramp up again. I think my intestines are so smashed these days that I feel nauseated more often. The great thing about the third trimester for me has been that I can actually function like a normal human and get things accomplished. I can be more productive with my time and I don’t lay down right when I get home from work anymore. Real yay! I’m still really tired all the time and sleep isn’t the best, but I can usually deal with it now. I fall asleep super fast at night because I’m just so exhausted by then, but of course wake up to shift positions all night, drink water, go potty, etc. I have probably at least 20 Braxton Hicks on any given day. They are starting to get exhausting. At first, they didn’t have any pain and hardly any discomfort. Now, they do. I really wish there was some obvious correlation between Braxton Hicks and the easiness of your labor, but they still don’t even really know what their purpose is. There’s some speculation, but it’s not very valid research-wise. Baby boy is doing great, as far as I can tell. He moves around a good amount every day. Some days he goes crazy and other days it’s just a persistent, ever-present here and there movement.

One funny thing about pregnancy is that you suddenly become everyone’s best friend. Okay not exactly best friend, but a definite point of interest. Strangers always ask questions (“when’s the baby due?” “boy? you carry so low”), just smile and stare at my belly (yes, in an elevator once I rode up three floors with a middle-aged Asian man staring at my belly and smiling- creepy but also cute in a weird way), and open doors/give up seats/generally treat me more kindly. People that I actually know do this and more – mostly asking “how are you feeling?” to which I give the generic “great! just getting ready for this baby to come.” and I swear 50% of the time they then follow up by asking me if my ankles are swollen and take a look at my feet. Um, no, they’re doing just fine thank you, how are your ankles? I know some people are just trying to be nice or make conversation through all these things. Other people, and I can usually tell the difference, are genuinely interested in how I am. When someone shows true interest in my well being, I will usually give more details, but honestly, it’s to the point that there’s not much to say besides my generic “great! just getting ready for this baby to come.” I’m a pretty standard, boring, regular ol’ pregnant lady. And I’m actually really grateful for that. Boring is good. It means no complications.

All in all, things are going well and just as they should be. I can’t complain too much. And I hope this post doesn’t just sound like a bunch of complaining. I want to document how I’m really feeling, so I’m just trying to be truthful.

Today I came across a picture that was taken when I was pregnant the first time, back in Nov. 2013. It was actually the picture we were going to use to announce that we were expecting. It’s one of my favorite photographs of myself and J, kissing, in front of a brick wall with a “Bump Ahead” road sign on the wall next to us (expertly photoshopped in by yours truly). It brought back all of the pure, innocent, happy go lucky excitement I remember feeling. We were giddy and everything was so new to us. That picture then served only as a reminder of heartache for months after we lost the baby. I hadn’t looked at it in a long time, and when I saw it today it made me sad. Sad that we never used the picture or shared it with anyone. When I got pregnant this time, we kept it very hush hush and didn’t even tell our families until I was about 14 weeks. We never posted it to social media. Part of it was out of privacy and the fact that I use Facebook less and less, but part of it was out of fear. I didn’t want to make something public only to have to come back and give bad news to everyone. It took me a long time to get over my fear and to trust in the Lord’s will. This is something I am still learning. Anyway, back to the picture. I really do love the photo and it reminds me of all these things and more. It reminds me that it is important to not let life make you jaded. That even though we go through hard things, there was once a time that we were giddy and innocently excited. A bit naive, sure, but hopeful. Just because things don’t always go as planned and bad things happen doesn’t mean that we should live life expecting the worst, or even giving into the “expect the worst but hope for the best” mentality. Because that’s a bunch of junk. I really don’t think it is possible for those two ways of thought to exist simultaneously. In order to hope for the best, you have to expel the negative thoughts and fears. Light and darkness do not coexist. The second a light is present, the darkness ceases. Sometimes the darkness fades into light slowly, as the dawning sun, rather than being immediately expelled as a light being switched on in a dark room. The important thing is to let the light expel the dark and not be diminished. Have I spoken in enough of a metaphor yet? Haha. I just wish that back at the beginning of this pregnancy I had been able to more quickly find a balance of having gained knowledge and experience, while still remaining hopeful and positive. I’ve learned a lot in the past couple of years. Partly I would like to display the picture somewhere in our home, to serve as a reminder of the many, many things I have learned already, but part of me would feel funny doing so. My relationship with J has changed in more ways than I can count since that picture was taken. In many ways I feel like we are completely different people. Life sure is full of adventures. And I have a feeling that our greatest adventure is just about to begin.


Getting Close…

I’m almost 36 weeks now! Time is kind of flying by. We have most everything we need for the baby, but it is all just shoved in the nursery and scattered around the house. I need to organize it all and finally hang things on the wall in there! Other than that, I feel like we are pretty much ready. A lady from church is throwing me a baby shower in about a week and a half, so that will be fun! After that point, I think I will probably start getting anxious for him to come. In all honesty, I’m already getting a little anxious. I want him to stay put so that he can be as healthy as possible, but I would really like to meet the little guy. At my appointment today, they swabbed me to check for group B strep (I’m assuming I’ll hear the results at my appt next week) and also checked my cervix. It’s still closed, but it is “pretty soft” so I don’t know if that means I’m effaced or what, but I take it as a good sign I guess. Baby’s heart was beating away. My fundal height has been pretty spot on too, maybe a tiny bit on the larger size, but who knows how accurate it is anyway. I’m up 24 lbs total from pre-pregnancy weight. I was on the skinny side of normal weight, so I’ll be fine if I hit 30 lbs. My contractions are becoming more painful and I’m starting to feel them in my lower back, but I guess it doesn’t really mean anything since they aren’t regular and I’m not dilated. Some people aren’t dilated at all and then all the sudden the contractions start and they dilate quickly. Other people can walk around dilated to a 3 for weeks before labor begins. Everyone has a different story and I’m excited to see how mine unfolds. J told me yesterday to please inform the baby that labor is to begin on April 30th at 5pm, and he is to arrive on May 1 (my due date). J also happens to be taking his last exam of his second year of med school (not counting step 1 – the big daddy of all exams) on April 30th. And I’ve gotta say, it sounds like a good plan to me! It would be perfect timing, but how many things in life happen at the perfect time? Like none. God’s timing is not mine, but maayyyybe just this once it will be. 🙂 I guess we will find out in just a few short weeks!! Any time from today to 5 weeks from now would be okay, really. In fact, I’d prefer he wait until I’m 37 weeks at least. Just to make sure he’s healthy. And to give me some time to get a couple more things done. I’m hoping that the “nesting” instinct hits me soon, because our house could use a severe, deep, thorough cleaning, especially before the baby comes. Our car is pretty bad too. That reminds me that we need to install the car seat at some point. I should probably pack a hospital bag soon too. All these little, last-minute things to do! It’s pretty fun, actually. I just wish I had some more energy. 🙂


33.5 Weeks

First, an update on J. His cast came off yesterday and he is now walking freely in shoes! No boot or anything. The crazy thing to me is that his next follow up appointment is a month away and he isn’t doing any physical therapy at this point. He’s pretty concerned with making sure nothing happens to it… which is hard to do when his wife kicks him on his broken leg in the middle of the night. Completely unintentional, but I still feel bad. He doesn’t have too much of a limp, he just walks slower than normal. I’m sure over time he will gain normal function. It’s pretty crazy that it’s now been 7 months since his treatment started. It’s been almost exactly the length of my pregnancy, which has been SUPER fun (sarcasm implied). It’s actually been pretty hard, but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not much time left before the baby will be here and J takes Step 1, his first board exam of medical school. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about with my husband’s treatment, you should take a look at this blog post even though I got some of the timeline incorrect.

I’ve been feeling pretty well lately. Lots of Braxton Hick’s contractions, and I keep meaning to do a little research on how frequent they can be with it still being in normal bounds. For instance, on Monday afternoon I had contractions (belly got rock hard for about a minute before softening, painless, mild discomfort) at 2:10, 2:15, 2:25, 2:40, and then 2:55. I’m assuming they were Braxton Hicks as they were not painful and they got spaced further and further apart opposed to getting closer. It was a little concerning, but I was stuck in a car somewhere between San Diego and Yuma, AZ, so there wasn’t much to be done anyway. I get several throughout the day, usually in the morning and evening though, every day. I plan to talk to my doctor about it next week at my appointment, but at this point I’m not too worried.

The reason I was stuck in a car is because we went to San Diego for the weekend. The reason for the trip was a conference that J was presenting his research from the summer at. He really only spent a total of probably 5 hours at the conference all weekend. It was a relaxing and food-filled weekend. We tried In-N-Out just to see if it was any better in CA, and it was pretty much the exact same. Still good. 🙂 We ate at Devine Pastabilities where they put your pasta inside a 6″ hunk of bread (soooo good even though we had a terrible waitress). And the other place of note was Hash House a Go Go, where your plate is the size of the sun and one portion size is enough to feed the entire population of Ethiopia. Okay, just kidding… but seriously they were huge. The banana pecan french toast is prepared in the kitchens of heaven. One plate fed a grown man and a pregnant woman, and kept us full from 9 am to 4 pm. Other noteworthy things we did included going to the beach for a couple hours, playing monopoly deal, enjoying our super nice king suite hotel room, touring the USS Midway Museum, and walking the grounds of the LDS San Diego Temple. It was a lovely trip, and so very nice to have two days off work. It was also kind of fun knowing that it was our last real trip before the baby comes.

It’s hard to believe that I’m down to less than 7 weeks. It’s hard to imagine what this little boy is going to be like. Will he be cuddly, independent, silly, happy, smart, fussy? I still have a difficult time putting two and two together and understanding that a little human is inside of me. I don’t know if it’ll ever truly feel real. I almost feel like the first time I hold him, I’ll say “Where’d this guy come from? Did a stork just drop him off or something?” But actually, after going through labor, I’m sure I’ll know all too well where he came from… Haha.

Time is growing short and I still have quite the list of projects to finish. I’m almost done with the baby quilt and I can’t wait to see the finished product! I don’t feel super pressured or anything with these projects, but I’m just excited to get everything done and ready. I can’t wait to be a mom!


32 weeks hospital visit

Last night was one that made me remember that this pregnancy is not in my hands. Sure, I can be healthy and do everything in my power to keep the baby healthy, but it is ultimately out of my control. Which is where faith comes in. It is so easy to worry, but faith takes work. I’m learning and growing and trying to trust in the Lord. 

So, last night. Well let me back up a bit. Ever since I hit the second trimester, I occasionally will wake up with a very firm uterus. Once I get up and go to the bathroom, it always goes back to normal. It seemed like it was happening more frequently in the last week or so, so I brought it up to my OB at my 32 week appt yesterday. She said to drink water and get off my feet if it persists. She said to call if it ever becomes painful or happens every 10 minutes or so. I wasn’t very worried. Then I noticed it yesterday afternoon. It stayed hard for 10 minutes at least. I had never heard of Braxton hicks, or even labor contractions, lasting that long. I sort of brushed it off, but then it continued after I got home from work. My belly was rock hard and would not relax. I called the on call doctor for my OBs practice and she told me to take a warm bath and drink more water, but to go to the hospital if it didn’t let up. The bath did relax it, for about 5 minutes. When it got firm again, we headed to the hospital. I am so glad that I have a willing husband who takes my concerns seriously. Anyway, I was hooked up to monitors for about two hours or so. During that time I had one contraction. Not painful at all. Baby’s heart rate and movement were great. They also checked my cervix and I was completely closed. That was very reassuring to me. They sent me home and told me to continue to monitor it, but it may just be that because I am very thin and my uterus is muscular that I can feel every sensation a little bit more. I had a great nurse in triage and she was very helpful and reassuring, and also didn’t make me feel silly at all for coming in. I have noticed that my belly seems to be a tiny bit more firm today than it did a couple days ago, but nowhere near the rock hard it was yesterday. I am very much relieved but also reminded that everything is in Heavenly Father’s hands and I need to trust him. 

Besides our little incident last night, things have been going well. I’m still quite tired and achey, but what do you do? The little one kicks and squirms and wiggles and hiccups all day long. I love that he’s letting me know he’s okay in there. I really do wish there was a little window I could see him through to just check on him every once in a while and see what kind of crazy position he is in. I’m feeling more and more excited to hold him in my arms. 4.5 weeks until I’m technically full term. 7.5 until my due date! We still have lots to do and buy before his arrival. Well, I do anyway. J gets to study all day. 😉 oh, the joys of being married to a medical student.